Taste of the South Magazine

Taste of the South Magazine featured Bakers Sto N Go utilizing our Deviled Egg Trays.


Taste of the South Magazine featuring Bakers Sto N Go


The writing in the box says:

Are you tired of arriving at the party only to discover the mini cupcakes you spent an hour icing are now stuck to the aluminum foil covering them?  Well here's a product that will ensure your goodies get safely to their destination.

The Sto 'N Go is an airtight plastic carrier with slide-out adjustable trays - two flat, two with impressions - that will securely hold in place 32 deviled eggs or mini muffins, dozens of cookies, or any combination of foods.  It can easily accommodate an entire 13x9x2 pan of brownies.  This easy-to-carry product is not only microwave and dishwasher safe but is a cinch to store as well; either place it upright, or remove the handle from the carrier and lay flat.

Make sure your next batch of tasty treats gets to the picnic deliciously intact with the Sto N Go. 


Taste of the South Magazine was so kind to write about me.  This was back when I just launched, as I was growing the business.  Media used to seek me out, and there were a lot of media outlets writing about Bakers Sto N Go, and best of all is that is was all free exposure.  Nice!  I wish those day would come back.  Media isn’t what it used to be, unfortunately, now it is mostly social media.  I am not a social media guru, but surely am learning.  I have come a long way.   If anyone would like to help, I am all ears.  I welcome it. 

Because Bakers Sto N Go was a one of a kind cookie container, most media outlets sought me out.  How else could you carry frosted cookies, or iced cookies without them getting ruined.  This is how the journey all started.  Most food storage containers are boring, same ole same ole type of container.  Bakers Sto N Go offers something much different.  I am happy to be the inventor of this great food storage container, that offers so much to my customer.

I would love more media outlets to call, maybe one day they will!  I can hope.  But for now, I am grateful to Taste of the South Magazine for the nice write up about my company.