I received my container, and it looks small, what will it hold.
The Bakers Sto N Go was developed so you can fit cookies, brownies, deviled eggs, and so much more without carrying something that is so big and bulky. This food storage container allows you to layer your desserts without getting ruined.

What is the small tray for?
The small tray goes on the bottom of the container only. So when you want to carry a cake, pie, bundt cake, or appetizers, you put those items on the bottom tray and it makes it easy to pull out.

I notice there are 2 sides to the big trays.
The big trays go in one way only, otherwise they will slip out. The flat surface is the top, with the curve in the back to follow the direction of the container. If you put the ridge side on top, the trays will slide out.

Is the Bakers Sto 'N Go container freezer safe?
The Bakers Sto N Go is freezer safe.

I can’t get many big cupcakes in the container. Why isn’t it bigger?
The Bakers Sto 'N Go container wasn’t designed to hold cupcakes like the other cupcake carriers on the market, such as Snapware, Oneida, or Wilton. Bakers Sto N Go was designed to be a storage system, holding frosted/iced cookies, brownies, pizza, deviled eggs, etc…However, it will hold 36 mini cupcakes, and about 20 small cupcakes/muffins.

Are you making a bigger one?
Not at this time. The need isn’t quite there yet.

Are you developing any other products?
We are developing a hot/cold thermal wrap for the Bakers Sto 'N Go container, we hope to launch in 2017. This will keep your food cold/hot.

Why is it made in the USA?
The Bakers Sto N Go company takes pride in our American people. We tried everything we can do to keep this in the USA. When dealing with food items, it’s so important to be safe. We use BPA, Lead free, and use FDA approved plastic.

How many cookies can you fit into the container?
In our test kitchen, we baked 40 2” cookies and got them all in the container, with 4 trays.

You state all the box mixes fit in this container.
Yes, this is true. If you purchase any of the store bought mixes, such as Duncan Hines, Betty Crocker, etc..all the contents of that package will fit in the Bakers Sto N Go. This is the reason for this container, not too big, and not too small. It’s the perfect size.

What happened to Mrs. Fields version?
We worked with Mrs. Fields for 4 years. We decided it was time to take back our company and grow it on our own.

You claim you can use this for cereal, popcorn, chips, and more.
Yes the Bakers Sto N Go has 2 legs on the bottom and be stored upright. When you’re not using it for cookies, or other baked goods, you can use this to store your cereal. Put a tray down the middle to divide it in half, and it will hold two boxes of cereal.

I make a lot of bundt cakes, will they fit?
We tested with the Williams Sonoma Bundt Cake pan, frosted the cake, and it pit perfectly in the Bakers Sto N Go.

My friend had her personalized. Did you stop doing that?
We are hoping in 2017 to start that service again. The support for that side of the business has been amazing.

Why do I NEED the Bakers Sto N Go ~
• It is the perfect food storage container if you bake cookies, brownies, pies, cakes, and so many other items and don’t want a big bulky container. Also, the container can sit on a counter, it’s not always for taking with you. So instead of using plastic wrap over your yummy baked goods (because of icing) you can use the Bakers Sto N Go.

• You’re going to a party and need something small to carry 30 frosted cookies, so you put them on a platter, one next to each other, (huge platter) and off you go.

• You frost your beautifully decorated cookies, spend hours making them nice, then put them all in one deep container and they get messed up. Or you wrap them with plastic wrap, and they don’t stay fresh.

Here are some great features to the Bakers Sto N Go Food Storage Container that you need to know.

• Smaller adjustable container, one with shelves that move up and down depending on the size of your items.

• A container that can sit on your counter, or go with you to your event. With your items looking GREAT!!!

Some Benefits of the Bakers Sto N Go

• No more big containers, those cupcake carriers are for only cupcakes.
• A container that matches your needs.
• Food items stay fresh for at least a week (Real Simple Magazine Road Test, Nov '09)
• Easier to carry, not so bulky.
• Use it for almost anything.
• Take it anywhere, school, work, boating, and picnics, so versatile. 

Removable handle ~

To insert handle:

1. Remove handle from container.
2. Hold curve side up, insert either end into slot on top of container.
3. Slide in till it’s secure, you should hear it click into place.

To remove handle:

1. Hold curve side up
2. Pull out.

Snapping lid on all 4 sides.