Lets Talk Cakes in the Bakers Sto N Go

Small Cakes and Bundt Cakes

    A small birthday cake for a small family.  Direct from the Publix Bakery.  They have some amazing cakes, and when you don't have time to bake, well there's always Publix.  But their box surely won't keep it fresh for long, so you need the Bakers Sto N Go. 
    You enjoy some slices, but then what?  No need to put plastic wrap over it, it won't stay fresh.  Can you imagine not having fresh cake?? No!!!  So use your Bakers Sto N Go container.  Simply remove all but one tray and there you go!  Simple!  And, it sure does make cutting that cake way easier!  Slide the tray out, cut, and slide back in. Your welcome.

    Perfect Size Cake by Duncan Hines

    Duncan Hines now sells cake mix called "Perfect Size", perhaps this is for the small family, or one that wants to celebrate something and doesn't want anything to big, or wants to devour some yummy chocolate cake and not feel to guilty.  Whatever the situation is, this cake surely is the PERFECT SIZE.
    But what if you don't eat it all??? How to store it? No need for those really big containers that have a lid on top and you have to put this in that way!  No....use your container and do it like this! 

    Bundt Cakes

    Now that we saw a small cake, lets look at a big bundt cake!
    This was the best bundt cake I have ever made.  The recipe will be posted in the blog under Itty Bitty Brown Butter Bundt Cake.  Big right?
    In the container it goes!
    Can you even believe it? This big bundt cake in the container? So it's small when it needs to be small, and big when it needs to be big.  We've gotcha covered on all ways to use it. 
    What makes it so easy, is you simply slide out the tray, cut a slice, and slide back in. 
    Here's another bundt cake.
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