Bakers Sto N Go Food Storage Container

Bakers Sto N Go Dessert Carrier and more...

The only Made in America Food Storage Container with adjustable shelves allowing you to layer your frosted cookies, frosted brownies, cakes, 8" tin pies, mini cupcakes, and so much more.

Starting at only $24.95, look at what you will get. 

Use just the bottom and try and it becomes an appetizer carrier!  

Use the bottom tray and a middle tray and it becomes the best mini cupcake carrier.

Use 3 trays and it will hold an entire 13x9x2 pan of brownies! 

Use all 4 trays and you can store up to 40 cookies. 

Whether your going to a party, the office, a school function, a BBQ,  boating or simply just staying at home, this food storage container is the perfect addition to all your baking needs.

Shipping ~ $5.95 for one,  8.95 for two or three, and FREE shipping over $75.00. 

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This Food Storage Container as a Brownie Carrier

When you use three of the shelves you can easily store an entire pan of brownies.  Yes a 13x9x2 pan of brownies.

Great when you make S'mores brownies, Cheesecake Brownies, or and simple gnache brownies.  This is a must have to store them!

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Bakers Sto N Go cookie carrier, also a food storage container.  Will hold up to 40 cookies, great for frosted cookies.
Americas #1 Cookie Carrier, a food storage container that will hold up to 40 cookies

Cookie Carrier ~ Great for Frosted Cookies

When you work so hard on those frosted cookies to look so good.  Then it comes time to store them.  The drama begins to set in.  With the Baker Sto N Go Food Storage Container don't fret, now you can layer and store them with ease.  

You can get approx. 9 cookies per tray (3 inch in size), or 12 (2 inch cookies) per tray, you decide!  This great food storage container gives YOU all the control.

Bring 'No More Drama' into your kitchen with the Bakers Sto N Go Food Storage Container, we have the solution for you! 

Happy baking once again. 

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Deviled Eggs**

Everything just got even more exciting!  

Change out all the straight shelves and insert the specially designed deviled egg trays.  Oh My!  Now you can store 32 deviled eggs.  

Make your favorite recipe and store with ease. 

**Extra add on item

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Deviled eggs stored in the Bakers Sto N Go, will hold 32 deviled eggs.  Great deviled egg carrier.
Don't go without your Baker Sto N Go stack-able food storage container, don't ruin your cookies with plastic wrap, use the adjustable trays and layer your desserts.

Are you tired of this happening?

How many times has this happened to you?  The frosting always sticks to the plastic wrap. 

How often do you struggle to find something to stop this?

How many times do you arrive at your party, and your cookies/brownies or any frosted items are ruined?  

Stop the madness!

Save your tasty treats once and for all.  Let the Bakers Sto N Go Stack-able Food Storage Container solve your baking drama. 

This is also great for at home storage. 


Simple + Small = Perfection

It's all one product!  Yes that's right, one product = multiple uses. 
Yes, we thought of it all. 

Standing at 5 inches tall, it fits ALL the store bought brownie and cookie mixes.  

Yet small enough to easily store in even the smallest kitchen. 

Never again will you have to ruin your cookies, brownies, cupcakes, anything!  Layer them on the adjustable trays and off you go!  Or keep them on your kitchen counter and they will stay fresh for up to 5 days!  

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The Bakers Sto N Go stack-able food storage container.  Comes with 3 adjustable shelves.

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