After 4 years with our Mrs. Fields Licensing Agreement, we have taken our business back!  

We proudly sell the only food storage container with adjustable shelves, which gives you full control on how you store your food items.  See below!

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Welcome to Bakers Sto ‘N Go

When presentation matters… Bakers Sto ‘N Go is the way to go.

The Bakers Sto ‘N Go is a plastic food storage container and carrier that comes with flat trays which can hold 4 layers of baked or fresh food goods, and also has egg trays that can store 32 deviled eggs. It is perfect for storing or carrying anything from cookies and brownies to sandwiches, pies and appetizers. No more worrying about the annoying plastic wrap messing up your frosted cookies or baked goods, in the Bakers Sto ‘N Go your food stays fresh and fumble free.

The shelves in the Bakers Sto ‘N Go can be arranged and re-arranged in lots of different ways  and for lots of different foods. The container is air-tight and freezer safe so it’s perfect for cold storage or for carrying your food on the go, it comes complete with a removable carrier handle and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

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Bakers Sto 'N Go is made in the USA
Bakers Sto ‘N Go is proudly made in America.
Bakers Sto 'N Go is a BPA free and Lead Free product
Bakers Sto ‘N Go is a BPA free and Lead Free product

Featured Products

Bakers Sto 'N Go white container with 4 trays

Food storage container with 4 adjustable trays



Bakers Sto 'N Go white container with 2 Deviled Egg trays

Food storage container with 4 adjustable trays plus 2 Deviled Eggs trays



Bakers Sto 'N Go 2 additional Deviled Egg trays

2 Deviled Egg Trays



Bakers Sto 'N Go 2 additional container trays

2 Extra Straight Trays




Great ways to use your Bakers Sto N Go

  • Use just the bottom tray and it now becomes a cake carrier, pie carrier, pie keeper, or even an appetizer carrier
  • Use 2 trays and now it becomes a mini cupcake carrier, or muffin carrier, brownie carrier, or large cookie carrier
  • Use 3 trays and it now becomes a cookie carrier or brownie carrier
  • Use all 4 trays and you have the ultimate cookie carrier
  • Stand up on its legs (on the bottom) and it becomes a chip or cereal holder.
  • Take out all the trays and insert the deviled eggs trays and it becomes a deviled egg carrier
  • Phew!

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