WBENC Certification

We hold the certifications: Women Owned (WBENC), and Women Owned Small Business (WOSB).  

The Bakers Sto N Go Food Storage Container is an airtight food storage container.  Also, has a removable handle for easy storage.

Virtually Airtight Seal

The Bakers Sto N Go Food Storage Container seals tightly creating a virtually airtight seal, keeping your goodies fresh for up to 5 days.  Using the little tab on the side, simply stand behind the container and push the tab to open.  The handle is removeable for easy storage.

Best 3 layered cookie carrier.  Best Dessert Carrier. Food Storage Container made in USA.

Decorated Sugar Cookies ~ How to Store Sugar Cookies, iced cookies or Any Cookies

Depending on the cookie size, you can get up to 40 2" cookies in the plastic cookie carrier.  It is perfect for those holiday decorated sugar cookies!  Give it a try!  You will be amazed how your cookies will stay looking beautiful, and fresh for up to 5 days.

Brownies ~ How to store your Homemade Brownies

You can use 3 shelves and get a 13x9x2 pan of brownies in there without anything touching.  Simply amazing! Give it a try!

32 mini cupcakes in the american made bakers sto n go food storage container.  What was a cookie container is now a mini cupcake container.

Cookie Container turned into a cupcake carrier

You can use this as a mini cupcake carrier and it will easily store 32 of them!  Can I get a WOW?

American Made food storage container nicely fits a bundt cake.  Need cake storage, get a Bakers Sto N Go.

ANd now it becomes a bundt cake container

Use only the small bottom shelf and you can insert a bundt cake!  Yes, that's right a bundt cake.  Use the lip on the edge of the shelf to pull it out.  No need for those big cake containers anymore! 

This american made product, Bakers Sto N Go, will hold 32 deviled eggs.  It becomes a deviled egg carrier or a deviled egg holder.  When you need help storing deviled eggs look use the Bakers Sto N Go.

deviled egg carrier

Remove the straight shelves and insert the deviled egg slotted trays and now it becomes a deviled egg carrier, or a deviled egg holder.  

*Deviled Egg shelves sold separately 

Best Popcorn and Chip Holder

Simply stand the container up on it's "feet" and now you can use it to store chips, goldfish, popcorn, whatever you'd like!  You can get so much in there! Then simply snap the lid back on and will stay fresh for up to 5 days.