A Food Storage Container with Adjustable Trays on the Inside

  • The all in one cookie carrier and brownie carrier. The one and only stackable container
  • Bakers Sto N Go holds a full pan of Betty Crocker brownies and 36 cookies, best cookie carrier and brownie carrier
  • With the 4 tray option, you can store up to 40 cookies.  This is 36 cookies, 9 per tray.  This is great for holiday cutout cookies.  The absolute perfect container for cookies with icing.
  • 32 deviled eggs can be stored.  Remove the straight trays and insert the deviled egg trays.  It's as simple as that.
  • This great food storage container is great for chocolate covered fruits
  • Free Shipping We will ship your containers for free when the order reaches $75. Regular shipping $5.95 - $8.95
  • Made in USA We are Lead Free and BPA Free
  • Online Support info@bakersstongo.com

Stackable food storage container, best cookie carrier and brownie carrierChocolate covered strawberries

How to use your Stackable Food Storage Container as a cake carrier, cookie carrier, pie carrier, pie keeper, or deviled egg carrier 

(One great container with multiple uses)

Using just 1 tray

Appetizers for the Bakers Sto N Go stackable food storage container


Using just 2 trays 

 Cupcake carrier - Bakers Sto N Go stackable food storage container


Using just 3 trays

Cookies in the stackable Bakers Sto N Go food storage container


Using all 4 trays 

 40 Snickerdoodles in the Bakers Sto N Go Stack-able food storage container


Deviled Egg Trays ~ swap the straight trays for deviled egg trays

(add-on purchase)

Deviled Eggs in the Baker Sto N Go stackable food storage container 

And now the last shot with the container all sealed up!

Now that is a lot my dear bakers!  All 4 shelves in the great stack-able container for only $19.95.  Can you imagine?  And made here in the USA!!  Be sure to get one before your next event, you'll be amazed at what  you can store in the Bakers Sto N Go! And easy to store, and for all those with small kitchens, it doesn't take much space and fits nicely in your cabinets. 


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