Frosted Cookies For Your Olympic Party

July 28, 2016

Frosted cookies in the Bakers Sto N Go cookie carrier

Gearing up for the Olympics

Well its that time again!  Time for the Olympics, which makes the perfect end to my summer!  I love watching the Olympics and what it symbolizes for all the athletes across the globe.  Many late nights ahead are for sure!

So I was on Pinterest, which I do daily, and came across these absolutely adorable Olympic cookies, and I thought what a great idea if your hosting or going to a party!  Off I go to bake, because you know after all, it’s another great way to show you the power of the Bakers Sto N Go Food Storage Container.

I bought the Betty Crockers Sugar Cookie mix at the grocery store, why not try and save time, because we are all soooo busy.  I bake according to the package and I get 26 cookies!  3 inch cookies too.  Ok, I’m happy with that, more than 2 dozen.

Once cooled, I layer them into the Bakers Sto N Go, to see exactly how to layer them up.  Oh they fit so nicely, I’m getting so excited!  Thank you Betty Crocker for making the perfect size mix for me.  (Well actually the container was tested for size on ALL the box mixes you can purchase at the store, so actually this comes as no surprise, but always happy when it works out).


•  Then I start working my magic and decorating. What a chore that is getting those Olympic rings so perfect. All I can say, is try and try and try, and the cookies will be beautiful. Just look.

•  Now it’s time to get all 26 cookies in the container.  Little problem, I ate 2.  How could I resist?? Actually I wanted the exact number of 24, because it was just so perfect.


    Layering the cookies is the best thing about this Bakers Sto N Go cookie carrier.  I used the 4 trays, and the icing was never in jeopardy of being ruined.  Nor did I have to have a big platter with Saran Wrap around it.  That would be silly for freshness.  Store them in this container and off you go.  Better yet, keep the container at home on your counter and eat them over the course of a week.  They will stay fresh!  So says Real Simple Magazine, when they tested food storage containers. Here’s the final result!


    Olympic Cookies on layered trays in Bakers Sto N GoCookies inside Bakers Sto N Go

    See everything stays nice and neat!  Now no need to use the handle, the cookies may go flying around.  Just like you wouldn’t go swinging a platter.  Be careful and the cookies will surely arrive in perfection.  Phew, after all that work, how nice will this be?

    Your Cookies stay pristine on 4 layered trays!  Enjoy!

    View of cookies on layered trays in Bakers Sto N Go


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