Yummy Brownie Bites - Perfect for the 4th Of July

June 28, 2016

Brownie Bites for the Bakers Sto N Go

Yummy Brownie Bites

Summertime is upon us.  I am sooooo happy!  I love summertime, I love the heat and jumping in the pool.  I love the barbeques, I love the summertime cocktails.  Everyone always seems to be happy in the summer! Maybe the sun shining down on us lifts our spirits, who knows, but it’s such a great time of year!

With that said, 4th of July is right around the corner, and that means family parties, friends parties, kid parties, or all the above!  It’s just a fun time.  And we all make food, or bring food.  Whether you’re hosting the party or going to the party, I have an easy and quick dessert for you that I was inspired by “Inspired by Charm” from Pinterest.  She deserves all the credit because these things are simply awesome!


Brownie Bites frosted and ready to eat

Brownie Bites close up 

So with your Bakers Sto N Go food storage container, these are even better.  This product makes you actually want to enjoy baking again.

Over the years we have all baked depending on how we are going to transport or store the item.  Do I need a large platter, so bulky.


Platter of unfrosted Brownie Bites


Do I have enough storage space in my fridge,  etc…Well look no further than the Bakers Sto N Go.  Let me show you how!

So you purchased the Brownies Bites from your local grocery store.  Or better yet, made your own, as I did.  Then, you can either purchase the whipped cream, or make your own.  I opted to make my own, only because I had the time, then put on a blueberry or two, and a strawberry!  That’s easy.  So easy.

For the fun part, don’t do this!  So cumbersome!

Brownie Bites frosted on a platter

Instead do this!  Layer these tasty treats on 2 trays and insert them into the container.  So much smaller and fits everything!

Brownie Bites ready for Bakers Sto N Go

Brownie Bites on two trays of the Bakers Sto N Go 

Bottom tray of container

The two trays that fit in the container.

 Brownie Bites on bottom tray of Bakers Sto N Go


The Bakers Sto N Go Food Storage Container.


Brownie Bites in the Bakers Sto N Go


You can see how easy!  Love that!

Even better this will fit in you cooler for transporting to your party!  Wow!!!

Enjoy your holiday, and mostly be safe, and grateful we get to celebrate this great occasion!  God Bless America!

Oh, I must add, the Bakers Sto N Go is made right here in the USA!!!!

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