Turkey Brownies - A huge with kids!

November 17, 2016

Turkey Brownies - A huge with kids!

Sometimes we just want to make something that is so easy, yet looks like we spent hours doing it.  Well I have the cutest Thanksgiving creation that any kid will absolutely love!  It's easy for us moms too, and so tasty for the kids.  If you want to look like you were married to your kitchen for hours, here you go!  And it was quick and easy!  Just take a look!


Brownies for the holidays, fits nicely in the Bakers Sto N Go brownie carrier


Store bought brownie bites
1 Vanilla and 1 Chocolate Frosting
Candy Corn


Put a nice dollap of chocolate frosting on each brownie 
Put 3 candy corns on each brownie to look like feathers, on top of the chocolate frosting
Put 2 small but big enough to make "eyes" using the vanilla frosting, I used a plastic baggie and cut a small hole in the corner to get it perfect.
Then put a small dot of the chocolate frosting on the white icing.  This will make it look like "eyes"
Once our finished, put a M&M for the nose! Or a candy corn sticking up.


OMG, it took like no time at all, and looked like I worked for hours.  The moms at the party were so amazed, and the kids gobbled them up.  

Go ahead a give it a try, you will see how easy it is, and look like supermom, who doesn't love that!

Once you've finished this, the daunting task is always, how do I store them to stay fresh, AND how will I transport them.  That's where the Bakers Sto N Go comes in handy. Layer them up on the trays, snap the lid, and  your off!  Easy peasy!  

Enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving baking to all!


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