Food Storage Containers - All you need to know.

July 21, 2016

Bakers Sto N Go Food Storage Container

Food Storage Containers

Storing your food in containers has been practiced since the earliest days of human civilization. It is a matter of fact that at some point you need to store your food, whether it’s because you’re going on a trip or you just want to save your favorite food. The nature of food storage containers has constantly evolved with time as there has been a wide range of food containers having different sets of characteristics. Plastic food containers for example are most commonly used by people but you can’t ignore the fact that they pose some serious health issues. Food stored in plastic containers can react with chemicals released from the plastic container and in turn the food not only gets ruined but it might be harmful to the human body. As an alternative BPA and lead free containers are now being used, here are some of the facts associated with BPA and lead free food storage containers made in the United States.

Cookies and Brownies in Bakers Sto N Go Food Storage Container

Bakers Sto ‘N Go is a BPA free and Lead Free product

Bakers Sto N Go is a BPA free and lead free product

Tempered glass:

Most of the products including food storage containers that are BPA free are made of tempered glass. The essential feature of tempered glass is that it is strong, durable and safe. The safety aspect of this material is the standout feature and the reason for its popularity. If you want to avoid plastic storage containers the safest and suitable option would be products made out of tempered glass. The physical and chemical properties together combine to give this product an edge over others. Pyrex is one of the leading brands which manufacture BPA free products including food storage containers.


Chemical leaching:

One of the biggest problems in plastic containers is the process of chemical leaching that occurs when food is placed in a container, this can be harmful in many different ways. Bisphenol A (BPA) is an estrogen found in all of the plastic products. During the course of heating or preserving food for longer durations the process of chemical leaching occurs which research indicates can cause cancer. BPA can affect the nervous system as well; findings indicate that higher concentrations of BPA in blood stream are a huge factor in causing depression. Heating your food in a plastic container essentially triggers the process of chemical leaching. All the complications can be avoided by adopting a simple practice that is to use BPA free products.

Reheating Process:

The best part about BPA or lead free food storage containers is that they are efficient products in the reheating process. Plastic of course can’t withstand the reheating process and starts to wither away.


BPA-free food storage containers are non-porous, which basically means that the container will not absorb food odor, stains and flavor. The characteristic of non-porosity makes it easy to wash.

Hope this article finds you a little more knowledgeable on Food Storage Containers.  At Bakers Sto N Go we pride ourselves on using only the finest plastic that is BPA Free and Lead Free. It is FDA Approved and we make our products in Madison, Wisconsin.  Yes, that’s right, a food storage container made right here in the USA!!

Bakers Sto N Go is proudly made in the USA

Bakers Sto ‘N Go is proudly made in America.

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