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February 06, 2017

Cupcake Carrier will hold 32 mini cupcakes

Well it's been said that the Bakers Sto N Go is a great cookie and brownie carrier!  But let's take a moment and talk about cupcakes.  Cupcakes?  Everyone's favorite, from little kids to adults.  Everyone loves cupcakes.  

And when it comes to cupcake carriers, aren't they just so big.  And who has room in their kitchen for a huge cupcake carrier.  Most of them will only carry 12 large or 24 mini.  Yes they have the grooves/slots for your cupcake to sit in.  Yes they make it nice and easy, yet can't carry too many.  And have you seen the ones that carry 36 cupcakes??  Those are huge!  And honestly how many times a year will you use it?  And where are you going to store it when your not using it?? Oh the drama.  

Now I have nothing against cupcake carriers.  I never wanted the Baker Sto N Go to be considered a cupcake carrier, you ask why, because they already exist.  Why compete. The Bakers Sto N Go is the perfect cookie and brownie carrier that works perfectly with NO competition.  

Low and behold, many are using the Bakers Sto N Go for cupcakes.  I decided I need to investigate this further and see what is going on.  So I did.  And here are the results.

I decided to bake cupcakes in the spirit of Valentines Day.  I made 40 mini cupcakes with the anticipation of getting them all in the Bakers Sto N Go.

 40 mini cupcakes using Betty Crocker Cake Mix

Count 'em, 40.  Ok let the fun begin.  Next, the frosting, oh how I love a good frosting on cupcakes.  Here we go. 

40 frosted mini cupcakes in the Bakers Sto N Go

 Up close picture.

Mini cupcakes in the Bakers Sto N Go

 Is your mouth watering yet.  I know your thinking, how in the world will this little cookie carrier, or brownie carrier hold all these cupcakes.  If it did, I would no longer have to have those big carriers!  Let's see, let's see!

Here's the bottom tray that fits nicely on the bottom of the container.  It has a little lip so you can easily pull it out.  

16 mini cupcakes for the bottom tray of the Bakers Sto N Go

Count 'em. 16!  Lets see it in the container now. 

Bottom tray of the Bakers Sto N Go with 16 mini cupcakes

16 mini cupcakes inserted into the bakers sto n go

Now that's only 16, let's move to the next level up.  You can see the grooves on the side that allow for another tray.  

20 mini cupcakes in the Bakers Sto N Go

Now here's 20 more.  Go ahead and count them!

Into the container they go!

36 cupcakes in the Bakers Sto N Go


36 mini cupcakes fit nicely in the Bakers Sto N Go

You can see, I've used 2 trays, was successful with 36 cupcakes, I had 4 left over to eat, not all bad!  :)  Nothing touches.  Plenty of room.  

Here's the picture with the container closed, and you can see the cupcakes.  

Bakers Sto N Go holding 36 mini cupcakes

I'm starting to think this little Bakers Sto N Go that was once a cookie carrier, and brownie carrier, can really step out of it's shell and be the next cupcake carrier.

With that said, they are no slots on these trays for the cupcakes, so you can get ever how many you want in there (well up to 20) it's completely up to you.  You are the baker, and you are in control of how you'd like to store them.  It's a win-win.  Yay!

When you close the lid, it's doesn't snap on top like conventional containers, there is an element of "being careful" when you do it!  Just trying to help.  I wouldn't use the handle with these, you want to make sure the cupcakes don't really move too much. Remember, there's no slots for the cupcakes, it is completely customize-able to your baking needs. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this and learning about a new product, as much as I have had baking and eating my cupcakes.  

Happy baking to all my fellow bakers! :)

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