Chocolate Ganache Brownies

August 25, 2016

Chocolate Ganache Brownies

Lets Talk Brownies….Decadent Brownies…100% Delicious!


So I like brownies, I’m guessing you do too!  What’s not to like?  I mean chocolate softness in your mouth, maybe with a cup of coffee, or milk!  Who can resist!  I know I sure can’t, and when it comes to storing those decadent brownies, what do you do?? Possibly put plastic wrap over them, goodness no!…they’ll get stale too quickly! Or you could put them in them in a big container, that just takes up too much room. I have a better idea, the Bakers Sto N Go.  Let me show you how! You must see how much easier your baking life can be. It’s amazing! It really will change everything! Just look.

First, I’m going to show you a box mix that I simply purchased at the store, because they make some delicious brownies, and oh so easy! And lets not forget quick!

Ghirardelli Chocolate Brownie Mix

Once they are baked, they will taste great as they are! But here was my ongoing problem, I always like to take something store bought and make it semi-homemade. Adds a little personal touch, so I decided to make a ganache topping for it, and OMG! It took it took a new level!  My new favorite brownie that took no time at all to make.


Let’s get them frosted! You could cover them with plastic wrap and ruin your perfect frosting job but I DON”T recommend.  You spent your precious time baking these, you have to make sure they stay looking perfect and of course fresh!

Brownies covered in plastic wrap

Brownies Frosted with chocolate ganache

Now you have these delicious decadent delights and obviously do not want to cover them in plastic wrap or keep them in the pan, So what do you do?

Bakers Sto ‘N Go is the perfect solution for keeping those brownies safe and fresh. 

Brownies safe and fresh in Bakers Sto N Go

You can layer your brownies on shelves inside the Bakers Sto ‘N Go food storage container!  Genius!  It takes up little room, nothing touches!  Everything is perfect! If you like to keep your brownies cool and fresh the Bakers Sto ‘N Go is fridge safe and will fit perfectly inside without the removable handle.

Brownies layered on shelves in Bakers Sto N Go

Check it out on Pinterest

They all fit so nicely!  So you see, there is no need for plastic wrap around your tasty treats.  There is no need for a large food storage container to store your treats!  All you need is the Bakers Sto ‘N Go food storage container! It will neatly store everything.  I will be showing you more later!  But for now, here’s brownies!

Chocolate Ganache Brownies ready for Bakers Sto N Go


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