Duncan Hines Perfect Size Cake

November 17, 2015

Duncan Hines Perfect Size Cake

Perfect Size Cake for the Bakers Sto N Go Cake Carrier

I must say I was taken aback with this Perfect Size Cake from Duncan Hines. 

Duncan Hines Perfect Cake - the most wonderful cake to eat for one, okay maybe two.


I just had to get it, make it, eat it, and now blog about it.  I am the only one in my family that even likes desserts, so for me this way perfect. Living with a very picky 8 year old and a vegan husband, I really fell in love when Duncan Hines developed this. It was perfect, and it did take me about 5 days to eat the whole cake. That's the only bad part, but if it was gone too quickly, I would have had to bake another. Always need to keep my little tasty treats around. I would always have a small slice after my spin class, after all isn't that why we exercise, to eat cake!!  :)

Now let me just tell you how incredibly easy this was to make. Oh by the way, it even included the cake pan. Whoa??? How awesome is that? 


The size of the Duncan Hines Perfect Cake

On the bottom it even tells you what to do. 


Directions on the bottom of the cake pan for Duncan Hines Perfect Cake


The frosting was perfect too.  Just the right amount.  Ok, maybe a little left over just to be eaten all by itself.  I love my desserts and now I can just buy a small cake mix without having to make a huge cake, or any dessert for that matter, and gobble it up in a few days. 

What is also so remarkable was the fact that this cake fit easily in my Bakers Sto N Go, and kept it fresh for 5 days.  I even kept the fork in the container so it was easy to grab a bite if I wanted it.  :)  I am a sugar junkie, and a spin junkie so it's all ok. 

Bakers Sto N Go storing the Duncan Hines Perfect Size Cake

 And there you have it!  I've always said the Bakers Sto N Go food storage container was perfect for all those store bought packages of cookies, brownies, cakes, and breads!  You need to try this out!  You'll love!

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