A Food Storage Container with Adjustable Trays on the Inside

  • This is a pie carrier, cake carrier, cookie carrier, and deviled egg carrier
  • Bakers Sto N Go holds a full pan of Betty Crocker brownies

    Full Pan of Brownies - Great Brownie Carrier

  • With the 4 tray option, you can store up to 40 cookies.  This is 36 cookies, 9 per tray.  This is great for holiday cutout cookies.  The absolute perfect container for cookies with icing.

    Great Cookie Carrier - 36 Cookies

  • 32 deviled eggs can be stored.  Remove the straight trays and insert the deviled egg trays.  It's as simple as that.

    Can be used for Deviled Eggs - 32 Deviled Eggs

  • This great food storage container is great for chocolate covered fruits

    Using the deviled egg trays you can use this for chocolate covered strawberries, you can get up to 32 in this container.

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  • Made in USA Treat yourself to deliciousness daily
  • Online Support info@bakersstongo.com

How to use your Bakers Sto N Go as a cake carrier, cookie carrier, pie carrier, pie keeper, or deviled egg carrier~

  • Use just the bottom tray and it now becomes a cake carrier, pie carrier, pie keeper, or even an appetizer carrier
  • Use 2 trays and now it becomes a mini cupcake carrier, or muffin carrier, brownie carrier, or large cookie carrier
  • Use 3 trays and it now becomes a cookie carrier or brownie carrier
  • Use all 4 trays and you have the ultimate cookie carrier
  • Stand up on its legs (on the bottom) and it becomes a chip or cereal holder
  • Take out all the trays and insert the deviled eggs trays and it becomes a deviled egg carrier
  • Phew!

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